Order Process


Add items tocart and send order


Add LINE friends toconfirm the order content


Remit according to the order amountand inform the last five codes of the account number


The agent will notify the check number for checking the delivery progress

Remittance Information

Remittance Information:
Cathay United Bank
Bank Code: 013
Branch: Nanneihu Branch
Account Name: Evergrand Taiwan Co., Ltd.
Account: 130-03-500279-1

After remittance, please inform LINE@ of the last 5 codes of the account number


Due to government regulations, alcoholic products cannot be purchased directly on the Internet. Transactions should only be made after confirming the age of the consumer. Chateau Manor cannot provide services such as online card swiping, pick-up payment, etc.
Please join LINE@ And click "I have an order" or take a screenshot of the order to the commissioner, wait for the castle manor commissioner to contact you, and make remittance after confirming whether you have reached the drinking age, amount, recipient address, phone number, and name. After receiving the payment, We will ship it to you as soon as possible and notify by Email, thank you for your support and understanding!

▸ 下標非立即成立買賣契約,本司保留接受訂單與否之權利。
▸ 實體通路與官網同步銷售,請盡早下單而保留,如下單後若有缺貨將主動與您聯繫,請多多見諒。

After confirming the payment, we will contact the freight delivery as soon as possible. All purchases will be charged a shipping fee of NT$120 per box, and free shipping over NT$1500 (outer islands and remote areas are additionally charged).

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依台灣法規規定,不得販售任何酒類予未成年青少年。在瀏覽本網站時,您必須保證已年滿 18 歲或以上。