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Red wine is fermented by natural grapes, so the precipitation of grape skins and anthocyanins at the bottom is a natural phenomenon and there is no health concern. If you are worried about affecting the taste, you can use a filter or a decanter with a filter function to filter it. Drinking and eating will not have a negative impact on your health.

The wine is made from pure grapes, not artificial flavors and alcohol.Therefore, even in the same winery,the flavor and taste of the wine will vary slightly according to the temperature, rainfall, and soil of each batch of grapes. This is a normal phenomenon, please enjoy it with peace of mind.

As long as the wine is properly preserved, it can be preserved forever, but the flavor of the wine will change every year. It is recommended that the wine with an alcohol concentration of 7.5~8 degrees has the best flavor in about 5 years, and the Bordeaux wine has the best flavor in about 20 years. All wines should be consumed as soon as possible within a week after opening to avoid acidification and deterioration.


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