Make enjoyment everyday


Thinking about what to eat for dinner every day, but do you feel that cooking dinner is troublesome? Take out a pack of Wanluan pork feet from the freezer, simply heat it up, it is a delicious add-on!

Busy life, tired body and mind, you must always remember to rest and reward yourself, stay away from the troubles of the day, leave the urban jungle, and take a vacation to the world of the castle manor tonight!

Super cost-effective

While enjoying life, there should be no financial pressure, which is the purpose of the castle estate.


Castle Manor | Ever Grand Taiwan Co., Ltd.

Ever Grand Taiwan Co., Ltd. is an importer and professional consumer goods KA (Key account) channel agency. Marketing agents of various manufacturers of wine (wine, whisky, Korean soju, sorghum, etc.), food, tea, daily necessities and other products in chain stores, supermarkets, CVS/supermarkets, KTV and other channels. Provide professional channel marketing agency services for major manufacturers, and create a win-win situation with KA channels and major manufacturers.

My products also want to join the Castle Manor


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